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‘ECO’ stands for the balance between ecology and economy, achieved through the performance of Walltite Eco.



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Environmental Sustainability

In order to obtain EcoLogo certification, Walltite Eco contains significant rates of recycled content. Post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material is processed to make raw material for new applications like Walltite Eco.


Walltite Eco uses zero-ozone-depleting blowing-agent technologies to meet the requirements of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.


As an insulation/air barrier, Walltite Eco improves the energy performance of the building thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the attributes it brings to the table—reduced waste, increased durability, and installed energy efficiency—help lower the overall environmental impact of every building in which it is installed.


It was very clear, after using WALLTITE a couple of times, that it was the best possible insulation on the market – no question.
Mike Holmes – The Holmes Group

Foam Masters

All of our applicators are certified and have undergone rigorous WALLTITE® approved training. Under the Raising Performance To New Heights® program, only the best make it through. This results in dedicated, professional, and experienced applicators who will do the job right the first time. Learn more about Foam Masters.



Walltite Eco is the first medium density polyurethane to earn the EcoLogo certification, one of the most widely recognized environmental certifications in North America.


Walltite Eco exceeds the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.


Walltite Eco can help your project achieve points in attaining certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system from the Canada Green Building Council.

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Check out the Walltite Eco brochure for more information on this green spray foam insulation product, as well as the MSDS sheets, provided by Walltite.


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