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Advantages Spray Foam Insulation

Insulation Over Fibreglass Batt Insulation

Energy Savings

Spray foam insulation offers the highest R-value of any insulation type, providing a good return in a short period of time.



Spray foam fills all cracks, gaps, holes, nooks or crannies, eliminating air infiltration during installation.


Gaps or cracks must be sealed with caulk or canned foam insulation before the batts are installed. Batt insulation must be stuffed into all nooks, crannies and corners to be effective. Housewrap may be required to eliminate air or moisture infiltration.


Both forms of insulation require a wallboard to cover the insulation after installation.



For home renovations where walls do not have insulation a spray foam injection can be carried out without removing the walls.


For houses with existing insulation walls must be accessed to determine how much and what type of insulation already exists and then remove it. Both fiberglass batt and spray foam insulation can be used in this case.



Spray foam won’t shrink, sag, settle or degrade, is fire and insect resistant and aids in moisture control.


Fibreglass batt insulation can sag or settle over time and create gaps that effect energy efficiency of a home’s insulation.


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