Why Use Spray Foam

  1. Reduced Energy Consumption

    Lower energy consumption equals lower energy costs.

    To retain the R-value (thermal resistance) any insulation must be installed in intimate contact with the substrate and with no gaps between boards to eliminate convective air currents. A spray on insulation product is more capable of making intimate contact with the substrate versus board or batt insulation.

  2. Air Tight

    Spray foam insulation covers everything when applied, filling all cracks, gaps, holes, nooks or crannies. It provides a complete thermal break between inside and outside temperatures and allows no air movement.

  3. Fast to Apply

    Spray foam can be applied over a large area in a single day. It is five times faster to apply than membrane and board stock, which facilitates on site scheduling and results in exceptional cost efficiency.

  4. Structual Strength

    Testing shows that spray foam insulation increases structural strength. When applied between wood and steel stud wall panels onto gypsum board and vinyl siding, close-cell foam increased racking strength 50% when sprayed on Oriented Strand Board (OSB).

  5. Eco-Efficiency

    According to eco-efficiency analysis, WALLTITE insulation has proven to be more eco-efficient than conventional insulation/air barrier systems.

  6. Durability

    Added protection against premature building deterioration. WALLTITE can be installed and left exposed to weather for up to 6 months without any significant reduction in performance.

  7. Versatility

    Numerous applications in institutional, commercial, industrial and residential use.

  8. Quality Insurance

    Tests performed during every job ensure high quality installation, simplified design and supervision, efficient use of time and material and faster project completion.