Spray Foam Insulation – New Homes & Renovations

A spray on insulation type, spray foam can be used with virtually any design or project type you can imagine for your new home or renovation.

Spray foam insulation is ideal for homes, condos, garages and any other project requiring a thermal barrier with a high R-value. Spraytek Insulation can insulate walls, floors, attics, roofs, basements (finished or unfinished), foundations, crawl spaces and more.

Going Green? Spray foam can be an integral part of building green homes. On top of the energy savings our Walltite Eco spray foam from BASF uses recycled plastic and a zero ozone depleting blowing agent. Read more in Green Products.

heat-loss-imageHeat Loss: Air leaks and poor insulation can cause your home to lose an amazing amount of hot or cold air.

Energy loss can occur through walls, roofs, doors, windows and floors. Poor insulation can increase energy costs, adds to your home's carbon footprint and reduces the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Spray foam insulation is the most effective insulation type to reduce heat transfer.

New Home Construction

Spray foam insulation can pay for itself in as little as a few years through energy savings. Spraytek Insulation can also help you save money and time while building your new home. Read more in Savings.

New and existing homes can have finished or unfinished basements insulated, while new homes can also choose to insulate the exterior of the foundations to create an effective barrier between frost and the building’s surfaces, reducing the impact of winters in Canada. Concrete holds existing temperatures for a long time, making foundation insulation an effective basement insulation option.

Home Renovations

Home owners who want to replace inefficient insulation in walls and roofs can retrofit your home with spray foam insulation by removing the dry wall and replacing old insulation with spray foam.

For homes without insulation you can also use Spraytek Insulation’s injection method into your walls with minimal disruption to your home. Contact a sales representative in your area to discuss options for your home insulation.

Government Grants

Home owners may also eligible for government grants when using spray foam for your house insulation.